Mobile Phones

Next up, mobile phones.  This is a high-tech, fast moving industry.  We all know about Apple’s i-phone and the Samsung Galaxy but which is the biggest company, and who else is behind the phones that we use everyday?

So, Samsung is top dog by parent company revenue, followed by Apple.  But who would have thought Google was a major player in mobile phone manufacturing through their Motorola subsidiary?


Samsung is a huge Korean conglomerate and is involved in everything from ship building to theme parks, advertising to mobile phones. The revenues of the company are larger than the GDP of most countries. The Galaxy is now the best selling smart phone on the market and continues to take market share away from the i-phone.


Apple is a large American multinational selling consumer electronics.  It started by selling computers but has moved on to many other products.  They are considered an innovative company and have become very successful in recent years.  Their i-phone is probably responsible for the popularity that smart phones experience today.


Panasonic is a large Japanese electronics company that started life selling lamp sockets.  It is quite a minor player in the mobile phone market, making most of its revenue in other areas.

LG Corp

LG is another large South Korean company and makes electronics, chemicals and telecom products.  Their smart phone is not one of the market leaders but they are pushing for more of the smart phone market.


Sony is a large Japanese corporation who makes a large array of different electronic products.  After buying out Ericsson in their mobile phone joint venture, Sony are now on their way to becoming a big player in the mobile phone market.


Nokia is a company focused on making mobile communication technology and is the first company on our list based in Europe (Finland).  For a long time Nokia was the most popular mobile phone brand but has declined in popularity with the advent of the Smart phone and has not been able to adapt as quickly as some other companies like Samsung and Apple.  They do now have a fairly well regarded smart phone available, however.


This was the biggest surprise for me on the list.  Google is no longer just a search engine and after the purchase of Motorola Mobility now makes its own mobile phones, as well as owning the Android platform on which many smart phones operate.


Huawei is a Chinese corporation owned by their employees.  It is rapidly expanding into Western markets and currently has a smart phone available in the UK.  The company has been involved in some controversy involving the treatment of staff in manufacturing sectors and some security issues.


Alcatel is the second European company on this list and is based in Paris, France.  Alcatel mobile phones are actually a joint venture between Alcatel-Lucent and TCL Communications of China.  Alcatel now have a number of smart phones and tablets on the market but are very much a niche brand in the UK.

Research in Motion

RIM is a Canadian manufacturer of mobile phones and their Blackberry brand is particularly popular in the business market.  In recent times, RIM have found going quite tough with more competition and have lost their way somewhat.  With a change of management, they hope to gain back some of their lost market share.


ZTE is a Chinese telecoms company.  Although I had not heard of it today, and it has a small market in the UK it is actually a major mobile phone player globally with most of its revenues coming from developing countries.


HTC is a Taiwanese company that makes Smart Phones and Tablets.  It is the smallest company by revenue on our list but it has carved out a decent niche for itself as being a quality provider of mobile phones.

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