About my UK Brand Website

The Idea

I have been interested in the fact that many of the brands that we come across every day are owned by the same few companies ever since I was told that two adverts for different washing powders were actually for the same company, since this realisation I have noticed that this is the case for many different products.

I am also interested in where the brands, especially the so-called British brands are actually based – one famous example is that Cadbury chocolate is now owned by the US giant Kraft.  Therefore I have decided to create this website where for each sector I will list the parent company of that brand, where that company is based and the annual income for that company. I wasn’t sure which criteria to use to show how big the company is but decided that annual income was an easily obtainable way of doing so since we are dealing with some groups that are publicly listed and some which are private entities.

I will also write a bit about each company and brand below the list.  I am not sure yet if anyone else will be as interested in this as me, but hopefully it will provide some use to someone.  Please note that I will be researching these lists myself and they may or may not be completely accurate but I will try my best!


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